What The Church Won't Talk About: Real Questions From Real People About Raw, Gritty, Everyday Faith - J S Park, Rob Connelly, T B LaBerge

I came across J.S. Park while searching online for an answer to a question that had been nagging me for a while but I knew would be futile to bring up at my own church. I found his blog and saw how he replied with love and raw honesty, I was hooked, here was someone who was willing to take on topics that no one wanted to speak about, topics that are somewhat taboo at our own churches. This book embodies that raw honesty, compassion, and love that J.S. Park brings to the table in one edition. How many times have we tired of hearing the sugar coated one-line answers to our most tough questions? How many times have we been told we don't have enough faith or are not praying enough only because we have questions and want to talk about topics no one else dares to bring up? How many times have we struggled with doubts, fear, insecurity, sadness, only to be told a one-liner cheery response telling us we shouldn't feel that way and if we do we aren't Christians? If you have ever been in any position where you have to hide your feelings and paste on a smile to be accepted at church, if you have ever had questions you wouldn't even dare bring up at church, then I encourage you to read this book, even if you have never been in such a situation this book is still for you because J.S. Park speaks to all of us, as a non-perfect human to another non-perfect human, while always pointing and directing us to the one and only who is perfect - Christ.