The Antidote - Oliver Burkeman

While browsing recommendations on what book I should read next I found a title that seemed refreshing; The Antidote, Happiness for People Who Can't Stand Positive Thinking. I had to get my hands on this. My friends chuckled when they saw I was reading this book, I am not the ideal positive thinker, not that I consider myself a negative person but positive thinking or the idea of it has always for some reason made me cringe. And here I was having found a book that finally said you don't have to be the epitome of positive thinking to find happiness. The Antidote provides different alternatives to happiness, each chapter is well researched and well written providing insights into various subjects, from Buddhism to Stoicism. It is all pulled nicely together in the end asking the question that maybe our relentless pursuit of happiness is what is not letting us be happy in the first place. It also touches on the subject of death and how we avoid thinking about our mortality at all costs instead of celebrating life now by being aware that in the end  of it all regardless of what we do we will perish.