Fields of Grace - Hannah Luce

Hannah Luce grew up being an Evangelical Princess, the daughter of one of the moist recognized and celebrated Evangelical Pastor, Ron Luce. Hannah grows up in a Fundamentalist Christian view of life where there is always right and wrong, no in-betweens. She accepts this view and lifestyle for most of her childhood until at the age of 12 she begins questioning her beliefs, although she loves to travel on mission trips with her father she starts asking whether what her parents have taught her is the only truth when it comes to God. She has a hard time accepting that God will only save some and not others. By the time she enrolls in Oral Roberts University she has a different view than her parents concerning religion and she is set out to find herself. At ORU she meets two great guys, Austin and Garrett, with whom she develops a beautiful friendship. It seems that all is going well until unexpectedly everything turns out completely different than how she plans it out. This memoir tells the story of Hannah's growing up with a set of beliefs instilled in her to how she eventually rejects those beliefs and comes full circle to accepting God without having to accept everything she was taught from an early age. This book brought me to tears. Hannah's journey to find God and to find herself end in a way she couldn't have ever believed would happen. She sheds light on her friends and the way they helped her grow, the wonderful people that they were and it surprises you how much you end up caring for them. Hannah is honest about her journey and how at the end it all came back to her finding her faith and her strength to do that which she was destined to do.