I am still in love with the stories that we find in books that transport us to far away lands and exotic places, that warm our heart, calm our soul, bring tears to our eyes, laughter to our lives, and sometimes allow us to understand something we previously didn't. Some stories either imagined or real will make us nod our heads in agreement and others will have us shake our heads in disbelief, anger or frustration. There are times when all these emotions will come to us from one story alone. We have biographies and autobiographies, the stories of people's lives that help us when we are going through something unknown to us, something unfamiliar, and yet when we read the story of someone else's life we know that the problem we think we face alone has been faced before and has been overcome, we don't feel so lonely in our problems. Maybe we can call our problems "adventures"? Isn't that what life is, an adventure. Everyday we not only live but make our own story. We are entranced by books and what they can offer us and the older we get the more we appreciate them because with age we realize that our own life is a part of the story we ourselves are creating. Maybe we should make sure we are a book worth reading.. Something to consider, isn't it?