Complete poems - Stephen Crane, Christopher E.G. Benfey

I recently came across a poem by Stephen Crane named "In the Desert". It was a poem that touched me and I was able to understand its meaning completely. Stephen Crane had the ability to write poetry as an expression of his way of viewing life without all the conventionalism of other poems written during his time. His poems are simple and although someone once wrote that his poems seem to stir more the intellect instead of the heart of the reader I disagree, yes they have a certain intellect quality to them that I like very much but they are also able to touch the heart. The fact that I barely discovered his poems seems appalling to me. How can a poet that wrote poems which I can easily and readily identify with have been an unknown to me until now? I am glad I discovered this poet's work and am looking forward to acquiring this book and reading it throughout as soon as I get it.  So far I have read a few of his poems and I already have a few favorites.The top one on my list is still the one that caught my attention, "In the Desert".