This blog is a personal journal of the books that are shaping my life, allowing me to have a different point of view on subjects I surely thought there was nothing new to learn about. Giving me the opportunity to question, ponder, and answer the big why's, how',s and what if's of my life, those around me, and life itself with books/quotes/ and events that are impacting my life. 


I am reading through:

Fiction as a means to step out of my own world and live, even for a moment, in that of another. 


Autobiographies/Biographies as a means to understand the life of others, realize their conflicts and their conclusions to life, faith, and the purpose that pushes us forward.


Christian/Spiritual as a means to learn the journey others have been on when it comes to their faith; the power of prayer; the Sovereignty of God; and how to live a life that will allow me to grow as a Christian.


2013 Reading Challenge: Read a Minimum of 25 Books This Year.